Yeah... :/ One of the first things the teacher said when I got to foods was that theres a lot of written work, notes, projects, assignments and stuff like that, and if were not good with it we shouldnt be there, and just ehhh. .-. 

We dont even make anything for the first like three months or something, and were not allowed to eat food in th classroom, either. D: Wed be allowed to eat in the foods lab where wed be making stuff, but otherwise were not allowed, which seems really weird considering the course is all about food. ;o;

I dont feel like Ive lightened my workload at all honestly, if anything I mightve actually just increased it, even though I dropped precal, which is an advanced course, to pick up foods, which is an open course. :/ 

So now Im looking to either switch back to precal, or get into an online course since that might also be an option, so hopefully that works out. .3. Im about as confident I can handle foods as I am about precal, but at least with precal I know what to expect and have a rough idea how much of whats gonna happen, and I like both the teachers I could get for precal, too. qoq The foods teacher is really intense and intimidating and honestly kinda scary in a way, a lot of people dont like her and I can see why now, oops. ;u; 

I got my exam marks today too, and apparently the six-ish hours of studying history I did paid off, because I got an 84 on that, which is good! :D I didnt do as well as I thought I did on math though, I got 66.5 on that, and a lot of it was just dumb mistakes and stuff I mixed up and I dont know why I did some of it and just uggggh. ;-; I think whats really bothering me about it is the fact that I know I can get better marks than that, and I knew how to do some of the questions I messed up on but I mixed stuff up or made dumb mistakes and just ehhh. :/ It dropped my final mark by five points too, which really sucks.

Anyway, Im really tired and kinda just done with today, so I think Im gonna go to bed for tonight, or at least go lay down and watch youtube videos for a bit or something. ;=; 

Ill be on again tomorrow for sure, though! ;u;

Good night guys! qoq